Real Estate

Riverside provides advisory services relating to the structuring and execution of interest rate and currency swaps associated with real estate financings. Real estate entities tend to be particularly vulnerable to pricing and structuring variations on their swap transactions with bank counterparties. Riverside provides clients with unbiased advice and price transparency, and our experience as principals in derivative transactions allows us to communicate and negotiate with swap dealers on a peer-to-peer basis, resulting in cost savings for our clients while maintaining good banking relationships.

Our real estate advisory services include:

  • The execution, termination or amendment of swap and cap positions triggered by property purchases/sales or changes in bank financing terms
  • The hedging of currency risks arising from international transactions
  • The restructuring or monetization of existing derivative positions that can help to mitigate cash flow issues for distressed properties
  • The structuring of hedges to ensure appropriate accounting treatment and the preparation of ongoing valuation reports for GAAP reporting purposes
  • The review and negotiation of documentation for complex debt and derivative transactions