Steve Plake

Steve Plake


P: 212-729-9479
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Steve has over a decade of experience working with project finance sponsors, private equity firms, pension plans and hedge funds developing and implementing derivatives programs. In addition to providing structuring advice for managing interest rate, FX and commodity risk, Steve assists clients in negotiating terms of the transaction and developing efficient trading processes to achieve best execution with the dealers.

In addition to working with clients in the US, Europe and Asia, Steve is Riverside’s resident expert on working with project finance sponsors within the emerging markets, including South Africa, Turkey, Poland, and Latin America.

Prior to joining Riverside, Steve was at NISA Investment Advisors, a fixed income asset management firm specializing in managing pension fund assets. He has continually assisted derivative end-users in a structuring, sales and trading capacity role and has helped build and maintain a ~$200 billion (notional) derivative portfolio.

Steve holds a J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis and a BS (with Honors) from Cornell University. Steve is a licensed attorney in good standing in New York. Steve is a competitive amateur motorcycle racer.