Project & Infrastructure Finance

From the largest, most sophisticated global fund managers to local sponsors and developers -
Bottom-line - you are in the best hands with Riverside as your trusted partner and advisor

With Riverside, you benefit from working with a highly respected team of experienced and financially sophisticated derivatives professionals with hands-on experience helping project sponsors and developers in the US and abroad. We have assisted in the structuring, negotiation and execution of hundreds of interest rate and currency hedges for some of the world’s most savvy sponsors and developers who trust us to be their hedge advisor and partner.

We understand the complexities of hedges associated with project debt financing and have the specific expertise required to help you orchestrate the entire hedge process even with the largest bank groups. Riverside has been instrumental in helping to drive down market swap credit spreads since we started our business in 2009. Because of our deep presence and experience negotiating hedges with every global project finance bank we understand, more than any advisor or bank, how to achieve the most favorable hedging terms for our clients.

By working with Riverside, you benefit from the following:

  • Expertise in negotiating new hedges, and amending or terminating existing transactions, saving you considerable amounts in swap execution costs
  • Knowledge and experience negotiating the commercial terms of ISDA Agreements reflecting years of experience negotiating with many of the same project lenders across the globe
  • Highly respected reputation among the dealers since we negotiate all aspects of the hedge on a peer-to-peer basis
  • Long term relationship approach when working with our clients, bringing them value-driven ideas, even after the deal has closed

Based in New York, Riverside’s experience and expertise runs far beyond U.S. borders. We are the largest hedge advisor in South Africa, partnering with local and international developers to manage their interest rate and FX risk associated with the government-sponsored renewable energy program. We have advised project sponsors in Canada, Mexico, South America and throughout Europe, including Poland and Turkey.

You can be confident that regardless of the time zone or the currency, Riverside brings you expert advice leading to the best structuring, documentation and execution.