Corporations and Financial Institutions

From global corporations to middle market financial entities -
Bottom-line - you are in the best hands with Riverside as your trusted partner and advisor

With Riverside, you benefit from working with very experienced and financially sophisticated derivatives professionals who also have a deep understanding of capital markets and corporate finance. We become a trusted advisor and an extension of your treasury team providing you with deep interest rate and currency hedging expertise. The confidence you gain by working with Riverside as your hedging partner allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business while leaving the potentially costly, time consuming and complicated hedge process in the most capable hands. When you work with Riverside, be assured that you get the attention of senior derivatives professionals.

Riverside has earned the respect of the most sophisticated swap dealers, allowing us to maintain good banking relationships for clients, which ultimately results in the best pricing and execution on your hedges. In addition, our understanding of each swap dealers’ capabilities and risk tolerance leads to significantly better economic terms, especially on longer-term currency hedges and complex transactions.

By working with Riverside, you benefit from the following:

  • We work with you to determine your targeted risk metric, such a change in cash flow, incorporating stress analysis into pro-forma income projections.
  • We help identify the best hedge strategy to meet your goals.
  • We provide a template hedge policy and work with you to customize it for your needs meeting requirements under the Dodd-Frank required ISDA protocols.
  • When reviewing your credit agreements we help to ensure that the interest rate, hedging and other definitions and requirements accurately reflect the intent of the hedge transactions and are commercially reasonable.
  • When reviewing your ISDA documents, we introduce concepts of transparency and fair play to achieve a more balanced and commercially reasonable framework for hedging.
  • We work closely with your controllers and auditors and provide accounting and valuation support.
  • Most importantly, we make sure you get the best execution with your dealers, helping you save transaction costs.

Riverside possesses extensive industry experience including:

Media, Healthcare, Energy, Insurance Companies, Specialty Finance Firms, including structured settlements.